Application Process : Exchange Program

Thammasat outgoing Exchange Student Program is a great opportunity to broaden our students' intellectual horizon through international experience, make new friends , obtain new learning experience and enhance opportunity for employment. Spend one or two semesters at a partner university and receive credit towards the degree at Thammasat University. The office of International Affairs (OIA) will be able to assist you for the details in every step-before , during and after.

How to Apply

The application process information and application deadlines are available through the Office of International Affairs.


  •     Be a second year or upper Thammasat University student.

  •     Satisfied GPA

                    - A minimum GPA of 3.00 or above for Bachelor degree (except TU-ISEP program and specific programs are required 2.8 on a 4.0 scale)

                    - A minimum GPA of 3.25 or above for Master degree

  •     Must have a language proficiency*

          If you apply to a university where language proficiency is required, you should have an evidence of language proficiency test ; for examply

                     - IELTS- overall band score of at least 6.0

                     - TOEFL -above 550 paper based test (Computer based 213 , Internet based 80 )

                     - DELF -B1

                     - HSK-6

                     - JLPT-2

                     - RUSSIAN

    • You are nominated by your faculty and you can meet a entry requirements for the exchange program at a host university.
    • Must be of a currently enrolled student through and should retain " Student Status " untiil they complete the exchange program.
    • Not having applied for or being the applicant of other exchange program.
    • After the exchange period students must enroll at Thammasat University for at least a semester.

Tuition fee and living expenses

All exchange students paying tuition and other mandatory fees to Thammasat University , you pay for Thammasat University rate depend on your duration to participate the program maximum up to 2 semsters; and the fee normally paid to Thammasat University . Beyond those , exchange students are responsible for their travel , accommodation , meals , purchasing testbooks and any personal expenses.)

Credit Transfer

In order to apply for a student exchange,you need a confirmed list of courses approved by your Thammasat University's faculty for your host university. It is important your courses are before you enroll at the host university otherwise you may not receive credit for your overseas study. It is too late to get approval. We recommend you follow the steps below.

- Before you depart

Think about the Thammasat University's courses you need to cover for your degree while you are away. Research the proposed partner university's course catalogue for subjects to be studied on exchange Determine what constitutes a full time load at the partner university. From this you can determine how many courses you need to take. Don't assume that a single course overseas is exactly the same size and workload as a course at Thammasat University. If you take electives or general education courses you will have more flexibility with the courses you can choose. These courses should be approved by your Home Faculty.

- When you return

To complete the final steps for your transfer of credit you should complete the following on your return. Check that your academic transcript has arrived from the partner university. Once these documents have been received, the Office of International Affairs will send your home faculty. Check that your Thammasat University trasncript is updated and that your course exemptions or transfer are correct so that you can graduate at the appropriate time.

Preparing to go Abroad

- Passport

Check that your passport is valid for the entire lenght of your stay overseas plus an extra six months.

- Visa

When the partner university accepts you as an exhcnage student, they will send you an official letter of acceptance and visa application documents. You should contact the country's consulate, and you need to submit to obtain a student visa.

- International students

While you're on exchange, you need to meet the conditions of the country;s student visa as your entry. This includes maintaining your overseas student health cover. You may be able to claim credit for your health cover while you are overseas. Ask your insurance provider about this.

- Insurance

Many of our partner universities require that you take out travel inurance while on exchange. In some cases these are compulsory insurance plans that are bot negotiable. In these cases you are required to pay the additional fee at the aprtner university even if you are covered by the insurance agency. However, you need to read the terms and conditions to confirm that the insurance meets the requirements of you and the partner university.

Pleae note that, you may want to check that it includes :

Serious accident and illness cover

medical evacuation/repatriation

any sporting activities in which you plan to participate, such as diving or skitting

unlimited medical and dental cover

optical, if applicable

pre-existing conditions and specialist care needs.

Health check

Some of our partner universities require that you have a full medical check-up before you enroll with them. We too recommend that you have a check-up before you leave.

- Preparing for Departure

It can tale several months before you receive your official acceptance from the partner university. Don't plan to travel too early before the start of your exchange semester. Otherwise you may not receive your visa documents in time.

Apply for your visa as soon as you receive your acceptance.

- Travel and safty Advice

It takes several months before you receive notification from the aprtner that you have been accepted. You should not plan to travel prior to receiving your acceptance pack.

Required Document

Thammasat University Application form for Outgoing Exchange Program

Study Plan sharing the course enrolled of a host university then match to those offered of Thammasat University

Original Academic Transcript

Copy of a language Proficiency Test

Recommendation letter from advisor

Consent from your parent


Thai Goverment and partner universities maybe offer scholarships for exchange students , through a variety of programme such as ASEM-DUO , JASSO , TOYOTA NANZAN etc. Thammasat University also offers students the exchange scholarship for students who are seeking a financial assistance. However , please note that the scholarship are limited in both amount and value. Students must ensure that they will be able to find their own exchange study throughout their study period.



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