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 Apply for Visa

The official acceptance letter from your program will enable you to get a visa category ‘ED’ at the Embassy of Thailand in his/her home country. A non-immigrant “ED” visa must be obtained before students leave their home country. Students should hold a visa category ‘ED’ before entering the Kingdom of Thailand.

Required documents:
Visa application form
- Passport, with a remaining validity of not less than 6 months
- Two recent 4 by 6 cm full-face photos
- A letter of acceptance/admission from your program
- Evidence of adequate finances as determined by the Royal Thai Embassy 

 Visa Type

Non-Immigrant Visa: is the only visa for foreigners temporarily staying in the kingdom.There is no difference in the validity of the visa whether it is a sticker or a stamp. The visa type and class is clearly stated on the sticker or stamp, e.g.

Non-Immigrant Visa Class B for Business

Class ED for Education and O for other purposes.

Tourist Visa (TR): upon arrival, a stay of 60 days will be granted to anyone entering Thailand as a tourist.

Tourist Visa Exemption (Phor30 (ผ.30) or Phor90 (ผ.90)): entering Thailand for tourism purposes and permitted to stay for 30 or 90 days.

Visa on arrival: applying for a visa at the immigration checkpoint for tourism purposes not exceeding 15 days; extension of stay and changing visa type are not allowed. *Those who hold TR, Phor30 (ผ30), Phor90 (ผ90), must contact the program of their affiliation or the Office of International Affairs immediately to change the visa type.


The date of validity indicates that the visa must be utilized by entering Thailand within the period. Holders will receive an initial stay of 90 days from the date of arrival. They are required to extend their permission to stay after 90 days of their arrival at the Immigration Bureau. Please visit the Immigration Bureau’s website for more details and inquire about any new steps and/or changes in the process.

Please note: There is a 2,000 THB fine for a late 90-Day notification.

Extension of Period of Stay

There are at least two ways to extend your legal period of stay beyond the first 90 days.

1. If you have a single-entry visa, you must apply for an extension at the Immigration Office. You will need to bring 1,900 baht, your passport and a letter from Thammasat University stating the period of your study.  This letter, provided by your program coordinator, may take approximately 1-2 weeks to process, so begin the process several weeks before your immigration stamp expires.

2. If you have a multiple-entry visa, you can do the same thing so that your period of stay can be extended to the end of your studies, BUT your “multiple- entry” status will be replaced by “single-entry” status. The longest period of stay permitted is usually one year.  Alternatively, you can leave and return to Thailand before each 90-day period is over, without having to apply for a re- entry permit.


Leaving and Re-Entering the Country

Your visa will be canceled automatically once you leave the Kingdom of Thailand unless you have contacted the Immigration Bureau to apply for a Re-Entry Permit before you leave. This process can apply at Immigration Bureau Division 1 which is located in Goverment Complex. The Immigration Bureau is located on the 1st floor on the right side, close to the entrance. If you are planning to take several trips outside Thailand, it is advisable to apply for a re-entry permit, especially for those who hold a single-entry visa.

Required Documents
- TM8 form (download)
- Passport
- Copy of passport's ID page
- Copy of your visa and last entry stamp
- Departure card
- Copy of the departure card
- 1 Passport Photo (4x6)
- fee (1000 THB per single re-entry and 3800 per multiple re-entry)


When you enter the Office, please take the ticket with the number immediately to get the queue.Then wait your number to appears on the board to go to the counter and hand in the documents. The officer will check your documents and ask you to wait until your ticket number is shown on the board, you can collect your passport and receipt.  Now you can leave the country and you won't lose your Non-immigrant ED visa.


The best option for frequent travelers is to apply for a multiple re- entry permit after you have arrived in Thailand, so that you won't have to worry about getting a re-entry permit ever y time you take a trip.  With a single-entry visa, however, the only way to extend your period of stay is to apply for an extension, not by leaving and returning to the country.

However, the re-entry permit doesn't work like multiple entry visa. It's only for 90 days, the expiration date is the same date as that from you first entry stamp. So after 90 days you have to extend your stay in Thailand and repeat this proccess again. When you are coming back to Thailand, the "visa number" on the arrival/departure card is now your re-entry permit number.To be on the Safe Side, before taking any trip abroad, it is advisable to inform the coordinator of your host faculty/program about your trip.

Change my visa type

Students need to contact their program along with their passport and educational evidence to request a letter for changing visa type.

Documents required
- Application form TM.86 (download)
- Copy of the passport
- 1 passport photo (4 x 6 cm.)
- 2,000 Baht fee
- Request letter from CU
- Educational evidence

NOTE: The Immigration Bureau requires at least 15 days for visa validation.


Expired Visa

1 month before your visa expires, please contact your program with your passport and educational evidence, to request a letter for an extension of stay. This process usually takes a week.

Documents Required
- Application form TM.7 (download)
- Copy of the passport
- 1 passport photo (4 x 6 cm.)
- 1,900 Baht fee
- Letter for an extension of stay from CU
- Educational evidence (such as a copy of your transcript, the certificate of admission or a student ID card)


- A fine of 500-Baht per day will be applied if a visa extension does not meet the expiry date deadline.
- The new regulation for the overstay will be suspended to enter Thailand.



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