Scholarship for International Students


Thammasat university is one of the leading universities in Thailand which has played an important role in Thailand’s social development and contributed to well-being for people of Thailand. With the international recognition, The Asian Development Bank/Japan Scholarship Program (JSP) has selected the university as a university member in The Asian Development Bank/Japan Scholarship Program (JSP).

JSP grants the scholarship to Thammasat international full time students from designated countries who have been admitted to study in 2 disciplines. These include Master of Economics and Master of Engineering.

For more details about the eligibility for ADB/JSP scholarship, please click on the guideline.

  Guidelines to apply for ADB/JSP scholarship at Thammasat University


Thammasat Scholarship for International Students - Full Time Student ONLY

Admission Date : April - May

Award : 10,000 Baht / Month

Procedure :
1. You have to become a full-time student in Thammasat University.
2. Please send your application through your faculty.
3. Faculty will scan the application and send the qualified applicants to Office of International Affairs.
4. The successful applicants will be announced in July.



















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