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Many people on campus eat in the student cafeteria areas because the food is fresh,varied and inexpensive. There're varieties of Thai-Style foods, vegetarian and halal dishes and drink are availible at the very low cost of ฿20-฿25 .The canteen areas are open Monday - Friday,6 a.m. to 7 p.m.; some stalls are open on Saturday and all are closed on Sunday.

Tha Prachan Campus : The cafeteria located on Anekprasong 2 building (No. 18) and Faculty of Social Administration cafeteria ( No. 23)  Map

As well, many students eat in the Tha Prachan market area,next to the main campus. Here there many fast food street stalls and restarants which range  from Thai- style specialities to kentucky Fried chicken to breakfast sweets.Look for places the students frequent, or those recommended to you; some will have an English menu but it is wise to carry a phrasebook. 

Our recommended guidelines for eating the food in thailand :

- Enjoy looking but avoid indiscriminate samping from street stalls and markets.

- Eat only freshly prepared cooked food served hot. If the soup broth is boiling you can assume it is safe.

- Avoid  raw meats and seafood and dishes made with these ingredients.Generally these are from northern.

- Always drink bottled water,which is sold every where.



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