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Rice Planting day on 26 Nov. 2015

Thammasat University is not a place to produce graduates but also teach our students to understand the society by learning through practice.






Krathong Making Class on 24 Nov. 2015

When Loy Krathong festival comes,everyone makes their "krathong", a small boat made with a slice of banana tree Krathong in the Riverfor a base, decorated with flowers, folded pieces of banana leaves, candles, and sticks of incense. "Loy" means to float, so Loy Krathong means to float a krathong. OIA organized this event by adding further attributions to it.








International Night 2015 on 20 Nov. 2015 , Theme " Mala Num Thai ".

International Night 2015 on 20 Nov. 2015 , Theme " Mala Num Thai ".

The special night of Thammasat international students: MALA NAM THAI was the theme of Thammasat international night organized by the office of international affairs on 20 November 2015. The students were brought back 80 years ago which was the time where Thammasat University was founded and Thailand was stepping into the modern period. Wearing hat duing sucha period of time  was considered  as symbol of  being mordern.
Thammasat international students and staff along with  local students had a great time of enjoying a variety of cultural exchange acitivities.
The rector - Prof.Dr. Somkit LERTPAITOON presided the event.









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