Thammasat International Student Recruitment :

By approval of Thammasat University, the Office of International Affairs opens the call for applications for international applicants to study in undergraduate and post-graduate levels at Thammasat University under the Thammasat International Student Recruitment Program, Academic Year 2023.  Selected applicants who confirm their attendance at Thammasat University and meet the criteria for enrollment will be eligible to be nominated for scholarships. The scholarship programs are divided into five categories:

Category A: Waiver of tuition fees and monthly stipend of 8,000 Baht
Category B: Waiver of tuition fees and monthly stipend of 5,000 Baht
Category C: Waiver of tuition fees
Category D: Waiver of tuition fees by 50%
Category E: Waiver of tuition fees by 25%

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Thammasat university is one of the leading universities in Thailand which has played an important role in Thailand’s social development and contributed to well-being for people of Thailand. With the international recognition, The Asian Development Bank/Japan Scholarship Program (JSP) has selected the university as a university member in The Asian Development Bank/Japan Scholarship Program (JSP).

JSP grants the scholarship to Thammasat international full time students from designated countries who have been admitted to study in 2 disciplines. These include Master of Economics and Master of Engineering.

Guidelines to apply for ADB/JSP scholarship at Thammasat University

Thammasat University (TU) is one of the few leading academic institutes in Thailand that has been selected to participate in the Asian Development Bank/Japan Scholarship Program (ADB/JSP). The scholarship aims
to offer the academic opportunity for students, residing in the countries, designated by the ADB to further their education at the post- graduate study level. After completing the scholarship period, the scholars are
then committed to return to their home countries in order to contribute to the economy, social development and well-being of the society they were originally from.

Please visit the below link and click on Thailand, then scrolling to Thammasat University for more details about ADB/JSP scholarship at Thammasat university.

What the ADB/JSP covers:
1. Full tuition fee
2. Monthly allowance
3. Medical insurance
4. Travel costs
5. Costs for thesis preparation (granted on case by case basis by JSP)

The length of scholarship:
1 Year with a possibility of another 1 year extension if deemed appropriate

The disciplines eligible for the grant of ADB/JSP scholarship:
There are two disciplines at Thammasat University that are eligible for the grant of ADB/JSP Scholarship namely;
1) Master of Engineering at Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (
2) Master of Economics at Faculty of Economics (

If interested, we encourage you to visit the indicated website to study all related admission criteria.

Admission criteria:
1. Age must not be over 35 by the time of submission of the application at Thammasat University.
2. Bachelor degree or equivalent relevant to the intended program at Thammasat University with superior academic record.
3. At least 2 years working experience after graduation. Non-private organization work experience can be a plus.
4. Being offered an admission by either of two designated faculties from Thammasat University.

How to apply
1. Check if you are eligible to apply by the criteria determined by ADB/JSP. For more details please refer to
2. Contact either of designated faculties at Thammasat University for admission process and period of each intake.
3. Submit your application to the intended faculty plus the ADB/JSP application along with necessary required documents.
4. The faculty will make a primarily decision as to whether the applicant is qualified and then nominate the applicant(s) to The Office of International Affairs, Thammasat University.
5. The Office of International Affairs will assess each application according to ADB/JSP requirements. The ranking based on the merit of an individual applicant will be made and then nominated to ADB for a final decision.
6. ADB/JSP office is responsible for selecting the scholarship awardee and will notify the selection result to both the applicant and Thammasat University.

For more details about the eligibility for ADB/JSP scholarship, please click on the guideline.

 Guidelines to apply for ADB/JSP scholarship at Thammasat University for Download

 Office of International Affairs, Thammasat University, edited on 18 January 2018





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