Student Uniform

Male Student
- White shirt without stripes or prints, a collar is optional .The sleeves must be unrolled and shirt always tucked in.
- Black trousers without stripes. If you already have the trousers with the exact description, you don't need to buy one.
- University logo belt buckle.
- Black loafers with socks.
- University's Necktie (optional).

Female student
- White shirt with short sleeves, no stripes or prints. Shirt always tucked.
- University button, it's a 4 silver buttons with university logo. One button is to be sewn onto the collar. Pin a brooch with the university logo onto the left side. You may also wear the chain-style pin, which should be inserted through the button hole in the collar.
- Black skirt without stripes or pattern. If you already have the skirt with the exact description, you don't need to buy one.
- University belt with the university buckle.
- Black loafers,  shoes or high-heels.
- University's Brooch.

Place to buy

Thammasat's Bookstore , Tha Prachan

Location : At the entrance of Tha Prachan Gate on Map No 1

Thammasat's Bookstore, Rangsit

Location : On Map Building No. 26

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