Office of International Affairs organized Thai Cooking activities for International and Thai students

Office of International Affairs organized “Papaya Knock Knock” activity on January 22 for both International and Thai students to learn how to cook papaya salad and authentic Thai grilled chicken at the International Lounge, SC2 building, Thammasat Rangsit Campus. OIA also organized Thai Cooking Class on January 27 (Sat.) for both International and Thai students at Bangyai, Nonthaburi. Students learnt to cook papaya salad, Pad Thai and Med Kanun (Mung Bean Yolk), a traditional Thai dessert. They also learned how to fold lotus petals.

OIA organized Welcome Back Party

Office of International Affairs organized Welcome Back Party on October 8 at Tha Prachan and on October 15 at Rangsit Campus to share study abroad experiences and to build network among outbound exchange students. In this occasion, Vice Rector for International Affairs, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kitti Prasirtsuk, gave an opening speech, while Assistant Rector, Asst. Prof. Dr. Supranee Lisawadi shared perspectives on studying aboard.







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